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  • Wine tourism; visits and tastings.

    A world of traditions....
  • Tinto Roble Cartima Siglo XXI

    Aromas and maturity.
  • Moscatel Seco Cartima Siglo XXI.

    Elegancy and flavors.

Tinto Roble Cartima Siglo XXI:

full body red wine, aged in French and American oak barrels


Moscatel Seco Cartima Siglo XXI.

Dry white wine from the Moscatel de Málaga grapes



Visit our operations, whilst enjoying our wines.


Wine tasting.

Attend our wine tastings: a unique experience.

Our winery project.

It's a great pleasure to present you our winery, dedicated to quality, and tell you more about its evolution since 1998. We trust the next pages will provide a better understanding of our traditions, our winery project and its quality wines:  

  • Tinto roble Cartima S XXI 
    blended red wine, aged in oak barrels

  • Moscatel seco Cartima S XXI 
    dry moscatel white wine



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Contact us

Mailing address: 
Pago de los Pilones, Viñas Viejas, Apartado correos 44
ES - 29570 - Cártama (Málaga), Spain
Phone: +34 - 648 790 070 or +34 - 659 323 953

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.